Android calendar reminder snooze

Android calendar reminder snooze

When the reminder for the calendar event pops up, wipe it to the right. Click on the watch symbol that appears on the left and select your desired snooze time between 15 minutes and 2 hours.

Calendar snooze provides every feature youve wished was available in the stock android calendars reminders, and some you never thought of.

  as a google calendar event or reminder pops up on your phone, you could tell it to snooze for 5 minutes or for 10 minutes or at the event start time.

Here are a few apps you can try that add adjustable snooze and repeat reminders calendar notifier, calendar snooze, calendar event reminder.

When you create an alarm using the (stock) clock app, under the notification you can set snooze options the duration of a snooze and the frequency of the snooze.

  android app extending calendar notifications with snooze button and notifications persistance. You can also build the app yourself from sources available here ) this app would replace default calendar event notifications, providing snooze functionality and notifications persistence.

For the default pick the time, in minutes, that the notification snooze duration should default to.

  on my inc, when id get a reminder from google calender, i could snooze it and would get a list of choices for how long to snooze 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc. I dont seem to have that functionality in my current google calendar.

Update 4 years later, i think mikes comment is right, and i call on googleandroid to support a way to make a calendar reminder really persistent. I actually used the calendar snooze app for a while until it stopped being reliable. So im taking this comment back i initially had the same reaction you did about the change in calendar behavior.

49 calendar notify is an above average calendar app and a great reminder app. It syncs to google calendar so you can use both if you need to.

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Android calendar reminder snooze

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