Best lucio settings console

Best lucio settings console

  comment your thoughts on the video down below )do not click here - httpsbit. Ly2wlxvostwitch - esidiinstagram - esidixxemail - silxnsegmail.

  these are my settings with lucio on console, peaked to 3904 sr, probably the support that i enjoy play the most alongside ana and zenyatta.

L3 as jump so i never touch the ground, 70 sensitivity horizontal and vertical, 100 aim assist.

I had it as l2 for a while, but the trigger takes longer to depress, and i found that it can mess you up when your want to stay in the air for extended periods, or climb up corners. My aim settings are 64 h, 32 v, 100aas, 100as, 85 aaw, 0 aei , and dual zone.

  i have a new updated version on my new channelhttpsyoutu. Be-l1c-o7fukuinstagram - silxnsesnapchat - illusionssnapsemail - silxnsegmail.

With these settings i typically am able to keep most fingers from having to move around too much.

Best is subjective the most important thing is to get the jump button somewhere you can easily hold it or tap as needed comfortably while still being able to use your right thumb to look around while wall-riding.

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Best lucio settings console

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