Border concepts steel edging

Border concepts steel edging

Commercial steel edging is provided by size per plan(s) and detail. Edging fabricated in 10 or 16 sections with anchor stake loops stamped in face of section 32 on center. Use 15 tapered steel anchoring stakes (316 thick) provided by manufacturer.

Steel edging uses border king highest strength commercial edging used in drives, high traffic paths, and maintenance strips. Border guard general purpose steel edging used for straight run in bed edgings, containing lighter aggregate pathways, and restraining pavered walks and drives.

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Border concepts border line steel landscape edging green 18 in.

At border concepts, we are a manufacturer, importer and distributor within the garden and lawn industryallowing us to be your one-stop shop for all things landscaping and exterior décor. Our multi-faceted business allows for a large selection of products, high standards for customer service, exceptional value passed on to the consumer, and a 25 year history in the industry.

For over 25 years, border concepts has been manufacturing professional-grade products for the commercial landscape industry.

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Border concepts steel edging

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