Brad garlinghouse political donations

Brad garlinghouse political donations

  prior to this time, ripples brad garlinghouse had told the united states regulators that they adopt innovations of digital currencies. However, the us regulators have turned deaf ears to this offer, even though china is clearly seen making advancement in matters relating to blockchain innovation and digital currency.

  advertisement & & in late september, the ceo of americas largest cryptocurrency exchange, brian armstrong published a controversial blog post discouraging employees from engaging in political discussions within the workplace. Coinbase also offered a severance package to the employees that were opposed to the companys new direction.

Some of garlinghouses political donations are sent from a menlo park address.

  the latest statement from garlinghouse, who donated to the biden campaign (and previously to vice-president-elect kamala harris campaign for.).

Just weeks after brad garlinghouse announced that ripple was suing youtube for allowing thieves to use his company and face on giveaway scam ads, ripples corporate twitter account was hacked. A fraudulent tweet offering 2,000 xrp back to those who donate 1,000 xrp to a covid-19 fund was tweeted out at 413 p.

  the regulator had sent this letter after netburn granted the defendants ripple, brad garlinghouse, and chris larsen access to the secs records relating to xrp, bitcoin, and ether.

  brad gharlinghouse, clearly approving of emmers comments, proceeded to donate xrp as a contribution. It was impressive to watch several leaders in the space advocate for the governments adoption of blockchain technology.

  ripple foundation with ceo brad garlinghouse believe in the future of cryptocurrency, so we make the largest airdrop on history for 100,00,000 xrp visit www. Yeah, thats how the latest xrp giveaway introduces itself. Like many in the past, the latest xrp giveaway scam on youtube claims to be genuine, with its live stream.

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Brad garlinghouse political donations

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