Btc pro clamp for atlas bipod

Btc pro clamp for atlas bipod

Overviewthe really right stuff soar btc-pro system is based on both the nato picatinny standard and our rrs 1. A screw knob style clamp designed to directly thread onto the no clamp versions of a.

The versatility to run it on an rrs dovetail or picatinny section is great. Will be ordering a couple more as well as a couple hc-pro&039s for the harris bipods.

The really right stuff btc-pro clamp for atlas bipod lets you mount the no-clamp versions of b&t atlas bipods directly onto a wide variety of rail systems.

  why is the rrs btc-pro clamp for the atlas bipod (works on pic and 1. 5 dovetail) out of stock everywhere? Also noticed the price has gone up. Are these so popular that rrs cant keep up? Or they not making them anymore? Whats the deal? Ive got an atlas sitting here with no clamp.

The really right stuff btca clamp adapter securely combines b&t industries v8psr atlas bipods to our rrs lever-release and screw-knob clamps. The btca is machined from a solid block of 303 stainless steel, designed and manufactured in san luis obispo, ca.

  anyone using the rrs pro clamp for atlas bipod, im ordering an atlas cal & dont really like the adm lever mount, the hex head adjustment just does not get it for me, the ones i have had seem to be either just barley tight or too tight just cant seem to get adjusted right, mounting on badger rails on manners stocks, thinking about the rrs pro clamp i know rrs makes some really nice stuff.

  i am looking for a clamp type arca adapter for an atlas bipod.

The really right stuff soar btc-pro system is based on both the nato picatinny standard and the rrs 1. A screw knob style clamp designed to directly thread onto the no clamp versions of a.

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