Close half position expert advisor mt4

Close half position expert advisor mt4

If position size is 0,80 lots, script is working normal (you can scail out 0,80--0,40--0,20--0,10), but if position size is 0,70 the script is quiet. What should we do with the code, so the script would scail by half a positions which require micro lots but are not available with broker.

  partialclosesteppips adviser uses partial closure of every x pips. If the value of this option in the pips 20 and partialclosecount 3 advisor applies a partial closing of 3 times every 20 pips. This means that ta1 20 pips, tp2 40 pips and ta3 60 pips.

After that, the list of all opposite positions will appear in the lower part of the window. One has to select an opposite position in this list, and after that the close.

  a setting of 1 means that your stop loss will be moved to break even only. A setting of 2 will close half of your position when the stop loss is moved to break even, and the other half when your lockinpipsat value is reached again.

  loctrailing with partial close expert advisor (ea) ( httpwww. Net) is an advanced automated forex position trailing tool for metatrader 4.

  the timed exit ea is the most simple and easy to use app to close all trades automatically at specific time each day. You simple attach the ea to the chart window, input the time and ea will do the rest when that time comes.

1- you cannot run other expert advisors meanwhile 2- ea are not meant for this. Those are drag n drops scripts, drop them on the chart to select all the trades from that chart or double click them to actually make them work on all trades for all charts.

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Close half position expert advisor mt4

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