Commonwealth bank essential super abn

Commonwealth bank essential super abn

  essential super is a mysuper product with competitive fees. If your super is invested in the essential super lifestage investment option, youll pay monthly fee 5.

Commonwealth essential super abn number (australian business number) commonwealth essential super abn number 98 002 348 352 in addition to an rse number, superannuation providers are also issued with a rsel, registerable superannuation entity licence number, by the australian prudential regulation authority (apra).

Colonial first state investments limited abn 98 002 348 352, afsl 232468 (cfs) is the issuer of interests in commonwealth essential super abn 56 601 925 435 (essential super) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of commonwealth bank of australia abn 48 123 123 124 (bank).

Colonial first state investments limited abn 98 002 348 352, afsl 232468 (cfs) is the issuer of interests in commonwealth essential super abn 56 601 925 435 (essential super) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of commonwealth bank of australia abn 48 123 123 124 (bank). This document may include general financial product advice but does not consider.

The trustee and administrator of commonwealth essential super abn 56 601 925 435 (the fund) and the issuer of interests in essential super, which is a product of the fund. The trustee is also the issuer of the pds and is responsible for the fund. Essential super (usi fsf1332au) is offered from the fund by colonial first state.

Name essential super postal address reply paid 86495, sydney, nsw 2001 australian business number (abn) 56 601 925 435 superannuation product identification number (spin) fsf1332au trustee colonial first state investments limited trustee abn 98 002 348 352 australian financial services licence (afsl) 232468.

Unique superannuation identifier (usi) for accumulate plus osf0001au.

For more information on what these details describe, please scroll down for a more detailed description.

48123123124 commonwealth bank of australia 48123123124130 com0164au superannuation savings account no 56601925435 commonwealth essential super fsf1332au fsf1332au commonwealth essential super no 19415776361 commonwealth superannuation scheme 19415776361001 cms0100au commonwealth superannuation.

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Commonwealth bank essential super abn

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