Crypto ads on facebook

Crypto ads on facebook

Learn more about the scope of the cryptocurrency ads policy and how these ads are reviewed. Ads promoting other products, such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency industry news, education, events, ancillary services, payment methods, digital payment tools, and merchandise, do not require prior written permission and may advertise, as long as the ad adheres to the advertising policies.

This facebook cryptocurrency ads addendum (the addendum ) applies to your use of facebook to advertise, promote, market, or post any advertisements or content in any way related to cryptocurrency (the cryptocurrency content ). Cryptocurrency content includes without limitation advertisements or content.

According to facebooks support page on crypto advertising under the cryptocurrency products and services ads policy, advertisers planning to run ads promoting cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency mining software and hardware, and cryptocurrency investment advice must first receive confirmation for eligibility.

Learn more about the scope of the cryptocurrency ads policy and how these ads are reviewed. Ads promoting other products, such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency industry news, education, events, ancillary services, payment methods, digital payment tools and merchandise, do not require prior written permission and may advertise, as long as the ad adheres to the advertising policies.

  in fact, facebook itself was one of the first to wipe itself clean of all crypto-related ads with a comprehensive ban in january of 2018 the social media network announced that it would prohibit ads that promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices, such as binary options, initial coin offerings, and cryptocurrency.

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Crypto ads on facebook

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