Deck thunder dragon

Deck thunder dragon

  the thunder dragons deck starters bateryman solar, aloof lupine, gold sarcophagus and instant fusion. Extenders thunder dragonroar, thunder dragonhawk, thunder dragon fusion, some summer summoner, predaplant verte anaconda, twin thunder dragon and kaminari attack.

Avian thunder dragon x3 thunder dragon x3 bolt thunder dragon x3 origin thunder dragon x3 aleister the invoker x3 solar batteryman x3 batteryman 9-volt x3 thunder king rai-oh x2 spells gold sarcophagus x3 invocation x2 magical meltdown x3 thunder dragon fusion x3 traps the hundred thunder.

Thunder dragonhawk x3 artifact scythe x1 thunder dragon x3 thunder dragondark x3 thunder king rai-oh x2 denko sekka x2 aloof lupine x3 batteryman solar x3 ash blossom & joyous spring x3 thunder dragonmatrix x3 spells allure of darkness x3 instant fusion x1 gold sarcophagus x1 thunder dragon.

  deck information deck type meta decks deck master thunder dragon titan tcgocg tcg submission date november 11th 2018 author ngidi ygoprodeck file download view in online deck builder purchase on tcgplayer text view ydke.

  deck information deck type meta decks deck master thunder dragon titan tcgocg tcg submission date january 20th 2020 author lithium2300 ygoprodeck file download view in online deck builder purchase on tcgplayer text view ydke.

  the thunder dragon monster in this deck usually have an effect that puts itself in the graveyard and also an extra effect if they are banished. Other cards to mill and banish cards from the deck include allure of darkness, twin twister, chaos emperor dragon envoy of the end, gold sarcophagus, the lone wold, batteryman solar and more.

  one of the more popular decks to emerge recently, the thunder dragons revived an ancient card from the days of the original era of yu-gi-oh and turned them into a fearsome archetype. For those who werent aware, dont be fooled by the name theyre a deck of thunder monsters, not dragons.

  thunder dragon chaos is a high-synergy control deck that uses its chaos monsters as an easy, consistent source of card advantage. It can play a grind game just as well as most other decks in the format, but it can also flood the board with a bunch of chaos monsters and push for big damage quite easily.

Stun your opponent with a variety of different tech cards for the thunder dragon archetype.

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Deck thunder dragon

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