Distance between charlottesville va and washington dc

Distance between charlottesville va and washington dc

The total driving distance from washington, dc to charlottesville, va is 116 miles or 187 kilometers.

The total driving distance from charlottesville, va to washington, dc is 116 miles or 187 kilometers. If you are planning a road trip, you might also want to calculate the total driving time from charlottesville, va to washington, dc so you can see when youll arrive at your destination.

How long is the drive from washington, dc to charlottesville, va? The total driving time is 2 hours, 18 minutes. If youre planning a road trip, you might be interested in seeing the total driving distance from washington, dc to charlottesville, va.

Shows the distance in kilometres between charlottesville and washington and displays the route on an interactive map. Worldwide distance calculator with air line, route planner, travel duration and flight distances.

The total driving distance from washington, dc to charlottesville, va is 117 miles or 188 kilometers. Each person would then have to drive about 59 miles to meet in the middle. It will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes for each driver to arrive at the meeting point.

You can also compare the travel time if youre flying or driving by calculating the distance from charlottesville to washington, dc.

The distance between charlottesville and washington dc is approximately 99 miles, or 159 kilometers. The average train journey between these two cities takes 2 hours and 38 minutes, although the absolute fastest you could get there is 2 hours and 22 minutes.

  virginia (us) driving distance calculator, calculates the distance and driving directions.

To you can easily determine distances between world-wide locations. Simply enter any desired location into the search function and you will get the shortest distance (air line) between the points, the route (route planner) as well as all important information.

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Distance between charlottesville va and washington dc

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