Expedia customer service reddit

Expedia customer service reddit

Rexpedia share your expedia experience or quick trips for finding solid deals on expedia or other travel sites.

He got a lyft to the base and found a hotel there, thats costing him over 100 a night. My wife called expedia, and they were able to refund half his, but not the other half. The lady from expedia sounded like she really wanted to reimburse him, but oyo wouldnt do it. He paid with cash app, so i told him to try to dispute it there.

Share your expedia experience or quick trips for finding solid deals on expedia or other. Waiting for approx 67 mins to speak to a customer service agent.

Having worked in customer service (thankfully a long time ago), frustrated customers do tend to embellish bad experiences to make them sound worse than they are. Not saying i dont believe these people, but i cant help but be a little incredulous that expedia can get away with doing exactly what they described without having their business or reputation suffer.

Expedia is of course legit, but if you book with them and decide you want to changecancel your reservations you are getting into a huge headache. Its absolutely perfect for booking when you know you will 100 want to fly to x on y date.

You can call expedia at (866) 310-5768 toll free number, write an email to hotlineexpedia. Com, or write a letter to expedia, inc, 101 ne 3rd ave ste 1720, fort lauderdale, florida, 33301-1168, united states.

Whether you have to travel or youre just exploring options for future trips, theres much more to consider before you depart.

Below you can compare and contrast the 5 ways to contact expedia by looking at which ones are the fastest and which ones other customers recommend the most for solving expedia customer service issues as reported to us by the 50 million or so customers that come to gethuman each year and share their experiences.

  customer service rep or expedia is trying to charge extra (30 for me) for customers trying to redeem airline credits.

Their customer service is not set up to fix these problems on an individual mistake level. Nor are they set up to pass the mistake info along to someone who can quickly fix it.

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Expedia customer service reddit

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