Fib confluence indicator

Fib confluence indicator

  dsfibconfluence is a ninjatrader indicator which draws fibonacci extensions from various high and low pivot points. The random lines create what is commonly known as the fib cluster or the fib confluence points.

Traders, audusd looks like in a very good position to move higher at least for a day or so before correcting back downwards.

Fibonacci confluence is a trading method that utilizes a grouping of fibonacci retracements, extensions and expansion level that occurs in close proximity to each other on a price chart.

Hi there, i would like to trade in such a way that utilises fibonacci levels that overlap or are present in close proximity, known as fibonacci clusters.

  hi all, i am looking for the indicator to draw fib retrace and fib expansion confluence. As the attached picture,indicator can draw fib retrace of xa and fib expansion of ab,so i would like to see fib retrace of xa has the confluence with fib expansion of ab.

When you have two or more levels come together at a certain point on your chart , thats confluence. Confluence trading is the same kind of situation when two different rivers meet. Examples in forex trading can be any of these it can be a a trendline coming together at at 61.

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  the fxs technical confluences detector is an in-house tool, developed by fxstreet experts, that allows you to identify those price levels where congestion of indicators.

Fibonacci indicators are a common data analysis instrument that allow you to adopt the various forms of fibonacci sequences to your charts visual data.

  fibocluster - an indicator to recognize fibonacci clusters anyone who sets in graphs such levels probably met with disadvantages in due to large number of fibonacci levels. The script remove unnecessary levels, and leaves those that overlap with, or paint the horizontal line.

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Fib confluence indicator

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