Flamingo share price

Flamingo share price

Fargo enterprises limited (fgo, formerly flamingo ai limited) is based in nyc and sydney, in the conversational commerce field, flamingo is an enterprise saas company which provides a cognitive virtual assistant (ai) platform designed for selling financial products online. Fgos cognitive virtual assistant or chatbot is called rosie.

Flamingo al (asxfgo) is listed on the australian securities exchange.

Flamingos (asxfgo) virtual assistants rosie and maggie help to make financial products more accessible to online customers, with the aim of leading to increased sales conversion rates.

The current coinmarketcap ranking is 357, with a live market cap of 107,900,649 usd. It has a circulating supply of 150,000,000 flm coins and the max.

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  check flamingo ai limited (asxfgo) share price, stock news, stock chart, trends, market data, announcements and unique analysis on kalkine media tue, march 16,.

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  when it reported in december 2018 flamingo ai had minimal net cash consider its expenditure just au5. So if it has not already moved to replenish reserves, we think the near-term chances of a capital raising event are pretty high. That probably explains why the share price is down 86 in the last year.

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Flamingo share price

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