Gmail address capital letters

Gmail address capital letters

Com address the only way to use upper case is to add a send mail as entry ( see.).

  the same applies to usernames, although outdated email servers can misinterpret capitalization in rare cases. For simplicitys sake, the best practice is to use only lower-case letters in a username.

Not only gmail, all other windows based email service providers ignore capitalization. Few email service providers based on those os might be sensitive to capitalization.

So what does that mean, they ignore case? It means that letters are just letters. Will emails still get to you if people forget to capitalize? Yes, because there is no difference.

  gmail addresses are not case sensitive, meaning the email service doesnt distinguish between versions of the address with or without capitalized letters, so long as the spelling is the same.

When i try to send an e-mail to an e-mail address that has a capital letter in it, the capital letter is automatically changed to the lower case.

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Gmail address capital letters

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