Halifax credit card abroad

Halifax credit card abroad

If youre having difficulty using your card abroad, call us on 44 (0) 1733 573 189.

With the same security and convenience that you get in the uk.

The halifax clarity credit card) could help you manage your spending when youre abroad, so you dont need to take extra currency or lots of cards with you. Theres one rate for everything you buy too, and no fees on any overseas spends.

Select currency euro (eur) swedish krona (sek) hungary forint (huf) bulgarian lev (bgn) croatian kuna (hrk) czech koruna (czk) danish krone (dkk) iceland krona (isk) norwegian krone (nok) polish new zloty (pln) romanian lei (ron) liechtenstein (chf) transaction amount.

Why a travel credit card might be useful usually have one simple rate for all transactions wherever theyre made. Most credit card purchases (over 100 but not more than 30,000) are protected by section 75 of the consumer credit act.

If youre registered for online banking, you can report your card lost or stolen online.

  the halifax clarity credit card is one of the most popular cards on the market for taking overseas, with zero fees on spending abroad. Cards like the clarity card use mastercard currency conversion rates , so as well as swerving the fees, you can rest assured that the charges havent simply been hidden in an inflated exchange rate.

Halifaxs clarity card wont charge you fees for using it abroad, and there arent any fees for withdrawing cash either.

  typically 100 spent abroad can cost up to 6 in transaction and loading fees. The clarity card also comes with a 5 monthly cashback offer.

If youre calling from outside the uk call us on 44 (0) 1733 573 189. If youre registered for online banking, you can request a replacement card or pin online or by using your halifax mobile banking app.

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Halifax credit card abroad

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