Hive blockchain reddit

Hive blockchain reddit

V-listed company building a bridge from the blockchain sector to traditional capital markets.

Hive has 70-80 of their miners in eth, and eth is moving to a pos when their network upgrade rolls out eoy2021. So thats more than half of their revenue being put in uncertainty. Hive will have to almost completely restructure the entire company from moving to btc mining or moving to running eth staking nodes.

Hive is into ethereum and mining ethereum which means its not a developed market.

Rhiveblockchain investor community sub dedicated to hive blockchain (hive) happenings, news, memes and conversations.

Hive ended the year with only 350 petahash of btc mining power. They now have orders on the way that will bring this hashrate up to 1229phs by the end of 2021.

Rhivenetwork is a subreddit for discussing everything related to hive, a blockchain-based social media platform that rewards social interactions.

Form 40-f filed a great piece of information posted over at hut 8s reddit community.

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  as of late, hive (the largest crypto currency mining company) has entered into a very bearish market. Hive is still the first publicly traded cryptocurrency miner in canada and has set records for trading volume on the toronto stock exchange (tsx).

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Hive blockchain reddit

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