Mine super pds

Mine super pds

This product disclosure statement (pds) summarises important information about investing with mine super. It has references to information sheets that contain important information, and are part of this pds, and factsheets that have additional information.

It has references to factsheets and an insurance guide which contain important information, and are part of this pds, and factsheets which have additional information that you might want to know. Well tell you when we refer to these factsheets and the insurance guide by using a symbol.

Were mine super, a profit to members industry super fund with over 75 years of experience in helping our members achieve exceptional retirement outcomes.

Ausuper-pds insurance offered through mine super is provided by tal life limited abn 70 050 109 450, afs licence 237848 (tal or insurer). While the pds sets out general information about insurance, the mine superannuation funds (fund) trust deed and the insurance policy documents set out the full terms on which insurance is offered.

  if youre invested in these investment options as part of the lifecycle investment strategy, the percentage mix of your investment in these investment options automatically changes each year on your birthday, between ages 51 and 65. For more information, read the product disclosure statement at mine.

Ausuper-pds you can ask us for a paper copy of this pds, including the fact sheets and insurance guide by calling 13 mine (13 64 63). You should read this pds, fact sheets and insurance guide on our website before deciding to open a mine wealth wellbeing super account.

Mine super services pty ltd abn 49 051 315 014 and its associates (including auscoal superannuation pty ltd abn 70 003 566 989) do not recommend, endorse or accept responsibility for this service.

Mine supers members would face difficulties in accessing an appropriate level of coverage across life, disability and illness at a reasonable cost in the absence of mine supers ability to provide improved accessibility through group insurance arrangements.

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Mine super pds

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