Mt4 new order greyed out

Mt4 new order greyed out

To bring up the new order window you can press f9 on your keyboard right click a symbol in the market watch window and select new order from the pop up menu right click on the open chart and select new order click on the new order button in the toolbar.

When you try to place an order but the order buttons if sell in market and buy in market are grayed out or inactive there can be some reasons causing this problem. You may have chosen an incorrect order volume for this account type.

Please also note that an order cannot be opened if your account type does not support executing an order of the specified volume. If the buy or sell buttons in the new order window are inactive and gray please verify that you have entered the trading instrument and.

I am attempting to place an order and the new order button is there and it works.

  when the mt4 order isnt working, there are a few ways to work out what is going wrong and how to fix it.

I opened a demo account two days ago on mt4 and the new order button is just greyed out.

  i suppose you are logged in with an investor (read-only) password, which does not allow trading, and that is why the new order button isnt active. The other option is your account to have some specific settings (maybe by mistake) from your broker.

The same applies to pending orders if you open a pending order and select the wrong one and then put in a weird entry price, or stop loss or take profit, it wont let you excecute the order.

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Mt4 new order greyed out

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