Nationwide isa maturity instructions

Nationwide isa maturity instructions

Use the online isa maturity form or the form in your maturity pack up to 3 weeks before maturity. Transfers can be made to your nationwide current account, card-based savings or passbook account.

Fixed term isa maturity this cash isa is designed as an account into which money held in a fixed rate isa will be transferred when that fixed rate isa comes to the end of.

If your maturing joint bond requires both account holders signatures to operate it, then youll need to complete the paper maturity instruction form that we will send to you. This will need to be signed by all the account holders and returned to us at dept nw3001 nationwide building society swindon sn38 1nw.

If your new isa manager asks for your nationwide isa details, use these account number 33333334 sort code 070093 your rollreference number your rollreference number looks like this 1234123456789.

There is an 18 month fixed term for this account, beginning on the day you open your account. After the fixed term ends (maturity) your money will be transferred into an instant access cash isa. The terms and conditions and the interest rate applicable to that account, at that time, will apply.

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Nationwide isa maturity instructions

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