Sims 3 pets ign review

Sims 3 pets ign review

  and speaking of experimentation, the absolute best feature of the sims 3 pets is the coat design options.

  the sims 3 pets limits animals to dogs and cats, unlike the horses, snakes, and gerbils of its pc cousin. Utilizing the sims 3s impressive character creator to make puppies and kittens is adorable.

Summary for the first time in franchise history, players will be able to take full control of their pet and play out their life story.

  ign gives its video review for the new game the sims 3 pets on consoles. Does the sims 3s second appearance on consoles make for a great standalone, pet-ce.

  luckily, ea has added enough that the concept still feels fresh, and it makes for a worthy addition to the sims 3. The pets in pets are basically into two types low-maintenance pets that you only need to worry about feeding, such as snakes and lizards and high-maintenance pets that can be trained for tasks.

Does the sims 3s second appearance on consoles make for a great standalone, pet-centric game.

  there is so much that ea adding pets to the sims 3 game makes it an expansion pack, and 49. There is so much that ea could do to improve their games, and their reputation, but instead they continue to release buggy, lazy games.

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Sims 3 pets ign review

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