Skyrim enhanced vanilla trees

Skyrim enhanced vanilla trees

  on top of this, this mod offers tree versions with more foliage, larger tree sizes and custom textures for both foliage and trunks, its an all-in-one complete vanilla tree enhancement package.

Enhanced vanilla trees (evt) is a mod that aims to enhance the vanilla experience. Though vanilla enhancement is at the core of the mod, we also provide a variety with optional branch textures from skyrim flora overhaul and alternative trees from realistic aspen trees and sfo.

Esp will replace all light snow trees which use vanilla foliage, with heavy snow trees that have vurts snow foliage (dyndolodlodgen required to update lods).

This version does not support lods, regardless if the option is available.

  enhanced vanilla trees at skyrim nexus - mods and community.

Without a custom or lush option) & the enhanced vanilla trees se - alternative branch textures optional file.

  it also incorporates the snowy pine trees from sfo, as well as realistic aspen trees (lots of optionals in fomod). This verdant unique flowers and plants trumps sfo for me. Seems suited for step as it is literally an enhancement of vanilla.

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Skyrim enhanced vanilla trees

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Skyrim enhanced vanilla trees

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