Slimming world chinese takeaway syns

Slimming world chinese takeaway syns

Order chinese online and have delicious food in just a few clicks.

5 syns for 550g serving beef in black bean sauce 8 syns for 550g serving beef with mushroom 8. 5 syns for 550g serving beef with pepper, onion & water chestnuts 19 syns for 550g serving chicken & cashew nuts 14 syns for 550g serving chicken & mushroom 9.

  our chinese takeaway restaurant slimming world syns list. If you are in the mood for a chinese you may be wondering how many syns your favourite meal has, and what the healthiest options are on the menu.

0 syns won ton soup per serving 13 syns special fried rice (chicken, pork and prawns) 310g 9.

Prawn sesame toasts 2 pieces original 7 syns green 7 syns. Jujube (chinese date), pureedcooked 28g original 1 syn green 1 syn. Jujube (chinese date), raw, whole per 100g free on both days.

  we ended up having chinese, so off i went in search of slimming world friendly take out ideas. So, in case youre interested, here are some of the best choices we found for watching your syns. All in all, a very filling, indulgent chinese takeaway for around 10.

Slimming world syn values slimming world tips slimming world recipes slimming eats beef in black bean sauce sweet and sour prawns beef chow mein beef with mushroom sliming world.

  hello, unfortunately, my family has a chinese take-away every saturday. Usually i have a green day on saturday and try to choose the healthiest meal possible. Currently i have wholegrain rice and mushroomsvegetables in a light gravy sauce (the gravy sauce is minimal.).

Your new slimming world take-out eat-out chinese feasts menu for 15 syns or less (based on average takeaway portions) low syn set meal a! Bbq spare ribs (8.).

  gobi aloo saag (350g portion) - 12 syns chinese i find chinese restaurants and takeaways can be a bit lower in syns compared to others, but there are some really high synned dishes that some people may not realise are so high. Ive done a list of dishes below with an average of the syns values.

Order chinese online and have delicious food in just a few clicks.

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Slimming world chinese takeaway syns

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