Ternio blockcard review

Ternio blockcard review

  blockcard review conclusion a crypto debit card for the masses ternio is a us-based company that was founded in 2017 by ceo and co-founder, daniel gouldman.

  what is blockcard? Blockcard is a cryptocurrency debit card launched in 2019 by ternio, a us-based blockchain company. Founded in 2017, ternio is well-known for offering lexicon, a highly scalable blockchain framework to enterprise business clients. Ternio came out with blockcard to make it easy to buy and spend cryptocurrencies.

Blockcard is a pre-paid debit card that you can get up to 6 cash back on all your purchases.

I have a virtual blockcard in my account, but i really only use the plastic one. I havent tried the cash to crypto option at walmart yet, but supposedly thats an option.

  blockcard user experience the consensus is that blockcard customer support is responsive and solves user issues in a timely manner.

Ternio stand apart from other conventional advertising platforms with the following features it solves the blockchain scalability issue existing in the digital advertising ecosystem. This issue was previously a major hurdle in preventing broader adoption.

I will say is blockcard is definitely designed for people who have bigger crypto holdings. People with 100 or 200 who are lookin to get cash are always going to be unhappy due to tern price volatility. But if youre putting 500 on the card, its definitely the best option.

The blockcard crypto debit card makes it easy for you to give your cryptocurrency real world spending power use your blockcard physical and virtual debit cards to make purchases anywhere major credit cards are accepted, and get 6. 38 cryptoback rewards! Blockcard is a crypto fintech platform powered by ternio.

  ternios goal is to accelerate the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency into everyday life, said ian kane, coo & founder of ternio. Blockcard enables the card holder to gain real utility from their cryptocurrency and removes the notion that crypto is only a speculative asset.

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Ternio blockcard review

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