Thyme and tonic upper west side

Thyme and tonic upper west side

While our menu is primarily vegan, we do use dairy, organic eggs, and fresh fish in select dishes. The entire menu is gluten free, and most of our dishes are nut free. Were excited to bring upper west siders a place to enjoy craft cocktails and top notch eats in a relaxed and vibrant setting.

230 reviews 1,307 of 8,957 restaurants in new york city - american vegetarian friendly vegan options. 474 columbus ave, new york city, ny 10024-5108 1 website.

Join us for a meal in one of the best outdoor dining setups on the upper west side! With cozy private dining booths and heaters to keep you warm, you can enjoy your meal to the fullest! We are open for dinner every night, as well as brunch on the weekends.

  brand new on the upper west side of manhattan, thyme & tonic, a vegetarian (mostly vegan) kosher certified restaurant, already with outdoor seating. The restaurant is run by the owners of modern bread & bagel arba , and is located just next door to that duo on columbus ave and w83rd st. Thyme & tonic bills itself as a gastropub serving fresh produce and vegetable forward dishes.

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Thyme and tonic upper west side

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Thyme and tonic upper west side

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