Tianeptine store reddit

Tianeptine store reddit

Best way to store tianeptine so it doesnt gunk up? Going to order 5g from powder city.

I got in touch w them thru reddit chat to see if they could follow up and they answered back fast and reassuringly each time and even watched it personally.

You already know this routine because its so familiar pontificating moral crusader baits those clicks by villifying a drug thats a lifeline for those who use it responsibly and in the process inciting more govt suits to strip personal agency away from reasonable unaddicted people.

Is there a sticky or master thread on storing tianeptine properly? It cant be that complex. I hate to be that guy but all of the threads ive seen are advocating different and somewhat complex methods.

This is my first ever reddit post, though ive been reading rquittingtianeptine posts for months. The posts are very enlightening, and i can readily identify with almost each of the ones discussing tianeptine withdrawal (wd) symptoms. I first tried tianeptine (in the form of tianaa red) on january 9, 2018.

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Tianeptine store reddit

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