What was bitconnect

What was bitconnect

  what was the bitconnect scam? Quite simply, bitconnect (or, as it is sometimes written, bitconnect or bitconnect) was a ponzi scheme that leveraged an open-source cryptocurrency that used the bcc ticker symbol. The origins of the bitconnect scam are not completely clear, though it is widely believed that it started in india.

  what is bitconnect? Bitconnect is a unique cryptocurrency platform that promised easy riches through a proprietary trading bot algorithm. Basically, you would send bitcoin to bitconnect, and they would convert it to the bitconnect token (bcc) and pay you massive interest from profit earned by the trading bot.

General introduction of bitconnectcoin bitconnect coin is a secure and energy efficient powpos coin. Bitconnect coin uses a faster pow distribution mechanism to distribute the initial coins, then after few days the coin is basically transferred to a pure pos coin, where the generation of the coin is mainly through the pos interests.

  bitconnect coin (bcc) bitconnects own cryptocurrency which can only be bought using bitcoin or usd a ponzi scheme a specific kind of investment scam where previous investors are paid off by the revenue made from new ones generally accompanied with unrealistic financial rewards.

  bitconnect was a cryptocurrency scam that went from obscure in 2016 at about us 0. It screamed of potential, becoming a top 20 cryptocurrency token. Regulators came cracking down on the project, forcing its cessation in 2018.

  just like this, bitconnect had found a way to sweep all negative coverage under the rug by simply churning out more content as far as google search went at least.

  however, there were clear indications of bitconnect being a ponzi scheme. The cryptocurrencys website began promising to give returns of 480 per year to the investors in usd and it even guaranteed a 91 profit. The worst part was that the bitconnect scam actively promoted the idea that there was a no financial risk and it was a one-way bet.

What was bitconnect? Ive been in cryptocurrency trading for almost a year now but didnt really get into the alt coins and minor exchanges. Thanks to subs like this, i stuck with major exchanges (for all their faults) and only dabbled in the smaller coins.

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What was bitconnect

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