Why monero is better than bitcoin

Why monero is better than bitcoin

Moneros superior mining algorithm mining is the name given to running a program on a computer which verifies and processes the cryptocurrency transactions that other people announce to the worldwide network.

  a critical analysis of the two would reveal that monero is way better as a long-term investment, and here is why monero has a better mining algorithm. Monero is designed to be mined efficiently using ordinary pcs and laptops, unlike bitcoin which requires specialized asic devices for mining to take place.

  its a common talking point (and one we fully believe) that monero makes a better medium of exchange than transparency coins, including bitcoin. This is because moneros inherent privacy makes it impossible to track, sidestepping many dangers that arise from having your money flow available to all interested parties.

  mining algorithm of monero is more advanced and faster than of bitcoin, bitcoin is 5 times slower than monero on the time taken to mine a block. Monero uses better technology which protects the transaction and is untraceable, users can relax and not fear for their accounts being hacked.

  monero (xmr) is simply a superior choice than bitcoin in comparison because of the following superior mining algorithm. Monero (xmr) is best for long-term investment than bitcoin (btc). Adding to its perfect security, personal computers as well as ordinary laptops can aid in mining monero, unlike bitcoin which requires a special application specific integrated circuit (asic).

  although monero beats bitcoin on things like privacy, fungibility, transaction fees, and mining algorithm, bitcoin definitely beats monero when it comes to the network effect, or amount of people using bitcoin vs.

The only things that bitcoin does better than monero is having high fees, slow transactions, no privacy.

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Why monero is better than bitcoin

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Why monero is better than bitcoin

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