Witcher 3 folan and vigi location

Witcher 3 folan and vigi location

If you kept these two rascals alive during the lord of undvik quest, both will accompany hjalmar to kaer morhen.

Whether youre with hjalmar alone or you rescued folan and brought him along, once inside the cave, youll see the giant sleeping. One of hjalmars crew, vigi, is locked in a cave, and he asks you to release him. You have a choice to make hjalmar suggests you leave him in the cage.

So i did find folan b4 jarls son, he actually becomes your companion for the rest of the quest and helps out with giant. When you are at that tower crossroad with lots of tracks ,you need to follow tracks that are going north there youll see that there were 2 ppl archer and another dude. When you find another dudes body next to a cave entrance go inside play riddles with trolls or fight and you can save folan.

This clan tordarroch warrior had strived to earn the right to be called vigi the unfearing. Instead, his actions earned him the nickname vigi the loon and it seemed this outcome suited him just fine. It was vigi who, craving glory and wanting to save his home isle from the ice giant, had convinced hjalmar to brave the journey to undvik.

Approach the chest on the other side of the cave and take the key to vigis cage from there. Avoid snow, becouse the sound of it crunching under your feet will awake the giant. Once you do that, vigi will attack the giant and the fight will begin.

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Defeat new pirates and find a key to prison in one of the cells. The map above shows undvik island which is a part of the skellige islands archipelago and few smaller isles surrounding it. There are no human settlements on undvik, you will only meet few friendly characters here (they are related to quests).

  in order to pay the white wolf back for saving his life, folan set out with hjalmar defend kaer morhen against the wild hunt. There, far from his native land, folan fell in battle while fighting side by side with his friends. That was not the last time vigi and geralt fought side by side.

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Witcher 3 folan and vigi location

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